KDYL Airport Construction Projects

General information

Doylestown Airport Terminal Area Apron Pavement Rehab

The Bucks County Airport Authority is notifying you as a tenant or user of the Doylestown Airport about a new project that is scheduled to start next week. The Authority just received a Grant from the PennDOT Bureau of Aviation and Gore-Con, Inc. is prepared to start work on Monday, November 14 at 7:00 AM on a Pavement Rehabilitation Project. The Project will include the complete reconstruction of the pavement on the Parallel Taxiway and the Apron areas in front of the Leading Edge Maintenance Hangar and the Terminal Building.

This work will shut down those areas for as much as a week, depending on construction progress and the weather. The Parallel Taxiway will be closed from the Maintenance Hangar to just past the Terminal Building Grassed Area, and Taxiway D (the new center Taxiway) will be closed during this project. These closures will require back-taxiing to reach the opposite ends of the Runway, so we ask everyone to be patient and extremely careful during this period. We also ask pilots to announce themselves when landing, taking off or back-taxiing. Communication is going to be key during this period.

We anticipate that the work should be completed next week, but, if there are any delays or if Gore-Con finds any unsuitable subgrade material, it is possible that the construction could extend into the next week. We apologize for the short notice, but all of the pieces just fell into place this Tuesday and Wednesday to allow us to get this important project completed before the winter months.

Additionally, the old apron area across from the Terminal and Maintenance Hangar is going to be marked to eliminate the possibility of parking in that area as a part of this project. It has been determined that this will be the most beneficial to the safe operation of the Airport. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as the Authority completes yet another needed maintenance project at the Doylestown Airport.

Santa's Coming to Doylestown Airport

As in past years, Santa will arrive by helicopter December 3, 2022 precisely at 10:00 am, to hand out presents to all the good children near and far. Leading Edge Aviation is coordinating the event and reports are the initial response has been very brisk. The Doylestown Pilot Association (DPA) will provide parking assistance starting at 9am. They will also be selling hot chocolate and possibly other items to the crowd.

Accordingly, we'll be using most of the West Ramp as parking for the event. You may not be able to get your plane out of your hangar from about 9am to 11am. Please plan for this.

For the Bucks County Airport Authority,


Update 6-27-2022: Runway Project Substantially Complete

The Bucks County Airport Authority (Authority), owner and operator of the Doylestown Airport located in Buckingham Township, Bucks County, has substantially completed the rehabilitation of the runway at Doylestown Airport. There are some minor tasks remaining. One remaining task is to permanently mark the runway once the payment has cured for 30-days. Another task is to fix the REIL and other lights on the runway edge.

The Authority has worked closely with the officials from Buckingham Township to complete this project with minimal disturbance to the public.

Tenants and Pilots Please Note

The center taxiway (Taxiway D) is now open. The yellow "X" is gone and we encourage you to use that taxiway if your aircraft can safely be slowed by midfield. This will help with the flow of landing aircraft.

Also, please note there is no aircraft parking in the center apron area. You'll notice that the apron area was removed and replaced with dirt and grass planted there. This was done by the behest of FAA in order to move parked aircraft away from the runway centerline, thus improving safety. Transient parking is now along taxiway A to the northwest side of the taxiway.

About Doylestown Airport

The Doylestown Airport has been the hub of aviation activity in central Bucks County since 1963. The Airport is home to and accommodates a large number of business aircraft within Bucks County and throughout the Philadelphia Region. The Airport employs 54 persons and generates an annual economic impact of nearly $8 million based on the PennDOT Bureau of Aviation’s 2019 Interim Statewide Aviation Economic Impact Study.