KDYL Airport Lighting Project

The Doylestown Airport Lighting Project Continues

Bronder Electrical Contractors is continuing to install a state of the art airport lighting system at KDYL. It's an LED powered, medium intensity lighting system with pilot controlled REILs. If you're been up to the airport recently, you've probably noticed the electrical vault installed behind the maintenance hangar and the conduit being installed around the perimeter of the runway.

The contractor has reached the point in the contract where they must close the runway to install conduit and lighting standards. The runway will have to be closed for the contractor to do this safely. Accordingly, Doylestown Airport will be closed to all traffic at night on various dates. Due to various weather delays, we are only announcing closures through the NOTAM system:

Check NOTAMs for Closures

Thanks for your patience with these interruptions. The BCAA board is confident we'll all appreciate the enhanced safety of the new system once it's up and running. Baring and weather delays, we anticipate project completion in January.


For the BCAA Board